Deaf American Entrepreneur- Ken Heath

Through a friend, I managed to meet a man who was traveling through Colombia who is a deaf American.  Originally from North Carolina he owns a large plot of land which he converted into a camp ground. 

He went to an all deaf high school and graduated from Gallaudet, the only all deaf university in the world.  

He employs other deaf workers in his business.  He makes Cad drawings of structures he will build and he cuts the wood into kits.


buyers can choose to have their kits constructed or to construct it themselves.image_8

After building his business he has decided to take some time off to travel and that is how he found himself in Colombia.  He also loves to ride his motor cycle and has made a coast to cost tour of the US and has big plans to ride from Alaska to Argentina on his bike.


Deaf people here in Colombia have just had a major break though in human rights in that they now have a right to a free education in that they now have access to free interpretation.  All the deaf students in Cartagena have to go to one primary school in the city if they want free interpretation and they can go to one of 2 high schools mine, or one further south.  There are opportunities for deaf students to go to college and so far no one from my institution has ever gone.  

Even though there has been this break though, many are stuck with the sentiment that they are disabled and that they are incapable of doing many things. A lot of this comes from the parents. For example, one 20 year old deaf student at my school laments, “my mom still walks me to school every day, because she thinks I’ll get lost.” 


Ken came in and told his life story and talked to the kids about being successful and independent.  

The kids asked over 10 times if he was really deaf and one straight up asked him if he was lying.


 They were interested in his business and how he made money for himself, but it wasn’t until he started talking about his plans to do an Alaska Argentina motorcycle ride that they started to really get excited and ask a lot of questions.  

Here is a like to the video of them asking about his trip:

Link to YouTube Video

Overall, the kids were a buzz and we’ve asked Ken to come back and speak to the parents, as well as the other schools in Cartagena and he has happily accepted!





The best friends the the whole world

IT has been a long time since I posted but I’d just like to say that I have the best friends in the whole world.  This year I wasn’t able to make my annual trip to Las Vegas, so what did my friends do?  

They created a “stick” Angela which they proceeded to carry around vegas with them.  



I joined them for late night subway


I met famous people! (this is me with Ahman Green from the Packers)



Me with a bunch of cheerleaders!




And on the opposite wide they put my painted face so that when I went with them to the tournament, I could have my face painted too!  Then they got the whole team USA Rugby to sign it!



You would think the madness stopped there but even after Vegas, my friends took to just carrying it around with them everywhere and giving “Stick Angela” it’s very own Facebook Profile and everything.

My sister and best friend Dan went on a road trip to California and took me with.


I got to see the Grand Canyon here with my Sister!



As you can see.  I have the most amazing people in my life.  And I’m happy they think about me as much as I think about them.


Progress Pics For My Facebook Deficient Parents :p


the left is a few days before I came to Colombia and the Right was tonight after eating a HUGE dinner might I add 😀


This picture was from August at training


This was from last night


And this is a picture of me and some Cartagena Volunteers with some 3 or the 15 Senators and Representatives we met and had drinks with tonight.  I certainly learned a lot about politics.

Dead Fish Sancocho

Sancocho is a soup that is very very popular here and it can contain different meats, like chicken, pot roast, tripe or fish.  Here’s a picture:


This is not a picture of MY sancocho, it is a picture of a typical sancocho and I have eaten plenty of sancocho that looks like this but last Friday I had dead fish sancocho. 

I specify that it was DEAD fish sancocho not because it bothers me that it was dead. It’s not like I would want a LIVE fish swimming around in my soup.  It’s just that at this restaurant they don’t serve soup with fish in it.. they serve soup with A fish in it…a WHOLE fish.. and all you can see when it arrives to your table is its desperate, eyeless face poking out of the soup like it’s gasping for air.  Like it died right there because it couldn’t get its head back under the soup because the bowl was too small… 

Now, I know they got the fish from the market because that is where the cheapest fish are from and this soup only costs 3,000 pesos. (about $1.50) and below you can see how the fish are stored at the market:



Which, I guess is not that bad if it weren’t 95 degrees out on a cool day. 

Anyway, I question if it’s been gutted properly and if you don’t pick 2 eyes out of your soup then you know you ate one… or both…

Something I never knew before I got here, even though I have had a decent amount of experience with fish being served whole, is that Fish eyes are huge!  They seem small on the outside but once their eye sockets disintegrate and the whole eyeball falls out and is floating around like a black and while marble it can be quite unsettling.  People who have tried them say that they are salty, crunchy and delicious.  Normally I have a policy about trying things but I think I’m going to just have to pass on this one…

All in all the soup was quite yummy, I eat there about 3 times a week, yesterday it was pot roast sancocho. Yum Yum

Cartagena at Night

Cartagena at Night

I think the thing I love most about Cartagena is that at night the whole city is lit up with lights, but not just regular lights. Yellow Lights. The lights turn everything the color of the picture.

This is a picture of my friends and I walking around the city on December 30th. This is the passage by the wall going from the Plaza de San Pedro to the Naval Museum.

They have lots of artsy fartsy stuff.

Stroll around the Walled City

Stroll around the Walled City

A few friends of mine and I went out on a walk around the city. On one part there is a little rocky pier and we decided to take a break and enjoy the wind and enjoy having out backs to the sun.

As you can see I am wearing my camel back, which saves my life on a regular basis. If I didn’t have 2 liters of ice cold water strapped to my back at all times then I don’t know what I would do.