Cartagena at Night

Cartagena at Night

I think the thing I love most about Cartagena is that at night the whole city is lit up with lights, but not just regular lights. Yellow Lights. The lights turn everything the color of the picture.

This is a picture of my friends and I walking around the city on December 30th. This is the passage by the wall going from the Plaza de San Pedro to the Naval Museum.

They have lots of artsy fartsy stuff.


Stroll around the Walled City

Stroll around the Walled City

A few friends of mine and I went out on a walk around the city. On one part there is a little rocky pier and we decided to take a break and enjoy the wind and enjoy having out backs to the sun.

As you can see I am wearing my camel back, which saves my life on a regular basis. If I didn’t have 2 liters of ice cold water strapped to my back at all times then I don’t know what I would do.