Language Learning

I LOVE foreign languages. All of you know that.  Also the people who have asked me for advice in the past about using Rosetta Stone have faced listening to me for the following hour about how much I don’t like it.  Well folks, my days of shunning technology based language learning is over!

Learn Transparent

It’s great.  I love it, I have been using it for a few weeks with Farsi and it’s going great!

Remember though, this is not a “learn language fast” scheme like Rosetta Stone plays.  You will not learn by just going through the motions of the activity. Listen, Repeat after the speakers and take NOTES!

They offer a REAL free trial of a week meaning you don’t even try and trick you into accidentally paying for a month by taking down you CC info and making you cancel in time.  They only require one e-mail address and you can play around with ALL the languages they offer!

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