Trying to cook for ourselves…

Trying to cook for ourselves...

Aara, Elisabet and I decided that we were going to take advantage of Aara’s host mom being out of town and we decided we were going to cook yummy food! this proved difficult and had me walking around the Jumbo super market for hours making multiple phone calls to give bad news that our previous idea was no longer going to work out. Fajitas? Tortillas are about $5 for a dozen! Lasagna? no ricotta cheese or any other kind of cheese except their special coastal cheese, cream cheese from a tube and really expensive mozzarella. Breakfast food? $10 for a small package of bacon. Sausage? people here think hot dogs are sausages. Spaghetti? I had to go to the import section for sauce because here people just put ketchup on their pastas… I got tomato sauce which I thought was spaghetti sauce but was more like pizza sauce. I also made a lot of deviled eggs. Tasted a little weird and it was strange that with every boiled egg we peeled had the yolk showing on the side as if the yolk in these eggs sits always on the shell where as in the US the yolks generally sit in the middle of the egg. . . Also makes a lot of sense now that I can rarely crack my egg for breakfast without breaking the yolk.. hmmm…

Anyway we didn’t have a can opener, so I opened it with a moderately sharp knife and got sauce everywhere scaring Bet into thinking that I had sliced my hand. I didn’t

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