There is a place in Barranquilla called “Las Vegas” and it is a bar and dance place. It also has an area to play games and the court we’re sitting on is called Tejo. It’s a “bags” concept but instead of boards you have clay pits and instead of bags you have rocks. in the middle of the clay pit there is a metal circle and placed on the upper rim of the circle there is a pink paper origami triangle which is filled with gunpowder. If you and your opponent both get your rocks into the clay pit without bouncing them on the ground or off the back board the person who is closest to the center wins 1 point. The rock HAS to get stuck in the clay though. Then if you hit the circle rim and explode your gun powder and your rock does NOT get stuck in the clay pit then it’s 3 pts. If you get your rock stuck in the clay inside the metal circle (about the size or a little bit bigger than the circumference of a soda-pop can) and you do NOT set off the gun powder then it’s 6 pts. Lastly, if explode the gunpowder AND it gets stuck in the circle, 9 pts. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. In the background you can see what we call “softball bowling” but none of us have ever played. Anywho, you can stay here late drinking dollar beers and eating 80 cent empanadas playing this game for hours and hours and hours.

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