What do I even Do?

Sorry it has been so long since I have written; I forget that there are people who read my blog who I am not friends with on facebook.  Also, as I predicted I am spending a lot more time writing by hand in my journal than I have been writing in my blog. 

One question I get all the time is how the teaching is going.  So, I feel the need to explain how all this gets started.  We are invited here in August because the school year starts in mid to late January.  That is a perfect amount of time to have 10 weeks of training and then a few weeks of camp, a few weeks at our new sites and then we get started co-planning and co-teaching with Colombian primary school teachers and secondary English teachers. 

Right now I live in the heart of Barranquilla and I have Spanish class every day for 4 hours and then random other trainings for 4 more hours.  We do practicums in Colombian schools but for now most of my day is spent in a classroom where I am the student.  I get sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer on November 8th.  

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