My Spanish class!

My Spanish class!

Celebrating my b-day with flowers my Dad sent me 🙂


What do I even Do?

Sorry it has been so long since I have written; I forget that there are people who read my blog who I am not friends with on facebook.  Also, as I predicted I am spending a lot more time writing by hand in my journal than I have been writing in my blog. 

One question I get all the time is how the teaching is going.  So, I feel the need to explain how all this gets started.  We are invited here in August because the school year starts in mid to late January.  That is a perfect amount of time to have 10 weeks of training and then a few weeks of camp, a few weeks at our new sites and then we get started co-planning and co-teaching with Colombian primary school teachers and secondary English teachers. 

Right now I live in the heart of Barranquilla and I have Spanish class every day for 4 hours and then random other trainings for 4 more hours.  We do practicums in Colombian schools but for now most of my day is spent in a classroom where I am the student.  I get sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer on November 8th.  

First host familia!!

I wish I could upload pictures but I can’t at this time because I don’t have a proper battery for my video camera and my phone doesn’t want to upload them to FB.

Anyway, a few days ago we arrived at Hotel Caribe and now we have left and we are at our host families houses!  I have a great family from who I have met already.

So we were all sitting in the lobby of the hotel as the host families came in and we were all like little orphans who were wondering is people were going to adopt us. We sat and smiled and greeted them as if our niceness would make them want to take us home. Finally there were just 3 of us left and we were all going to families in the same barrio (neighborhood). So then they called my name!  My host mom’s name is Mildre, at first the conversation started slowly but she laughs a lot!  we sat and talked for a while at the hotel which was customary and then we took a taxi about a half hour away to the house and I got my room and everything.  I knew that in the house there were 2 of her 3 sons.  One is 29 and married and she lives here too, they have 2 kids, 18 mo and 3 yrs and they live here too.  And their younger son is 21.  

When I fist got here I had to get get out of a taxi to small for me on to on of the Barranquilla high curbs (which are high because of the arroyos) and there were 2 guys sitting inside the gate to this house and they looked about the age of my younger host brother.  One was super skinny and was sitting with out a shirt on (which a LOT of Colombian guys do while sitting on their patios)  and the other was a little pudgy and was dressed in black and had longish hair tied back in a pony tail like a indy rocker.  Any way, it was that one that got up and came to the taxi to help me take my stuff in side and so I’m an introducing myself to him and talking to him and telling him how I’m so happy to be here and thank you for letting me stay in your house and then he leaves and then the other guy comes in and says only  a few words to me.  But the other guy goes into a room and comes out in changed clothes and I’m so confused. So I as my host mom who that was and she says “your brother” and I said “but who was that other guy then?” and she says “his friend.” 

Anywho after that Mildre takes me on a walk to the super market to buy me a roll of toilet paper and she also buys me a banana because I was talking to her about he word they use for banana which is not Platano, it’s guiano maduro.  

and I see the guy who I though was my brother roaming around the streets near the store.  Then we are walking home and we pass another volunteer’s house and they were sitting outside so we sat there and talked with that family for a while.  They have a lime tree in their back yard.  

Anywho, then we came home and she served me dinner and then I was in my room and my host mom knocks and tells me I have friends over, and Jeremy and Ashley who live nearby had come by for a walk 🙂

What a nice day