We drank Lulo juice at our first Colombian meal!


Welcome to Miami! ¡Bienvenidos a Miami!

Well folks I made the trip to my staging event here in Miami and it has been an amazing day so far.  I have even higher hopes for this trip than I did before!

First of all, as much as I loved all of my going away parties, I’m glad that my 3 month summer good-bye is over.  I was pretty good with all of my goodbyes I thought because I kept them short.  Even though I did stand outside security nearly hyperventilating for about 20 minutes with my parents and Dan, when it was time to go I did one quick round of hugs and then got into line before I started to ball.  I kept focusing on things around me and saying what they were so I wouldn’t weep, “orange backpack. Kipling backpack.  Kipling Monkies.” and then I’d look back at them and they would all be staring at me.  I turned around a bunch of times to wave until finally I just couldn’t see them anymore. That is when I turned around and started crying.  I had to take myself into the bathroom and pull it together.  I made it though and I haven’t cried since.

Most people who know me well would tell you that I don’t play well with others.  I normally don’t like too many people.  Well, I don’t know how all 30 people here feel about me, but I actually really like all of them!  Everyone I have met has just been sooo cool!  I am so excited about these next 3 training months.  

So, my mom was thinking that I was coo coo bananas when I told her that I just had to bring my Jedi costume with me.  However, I already had to pull it out of my suitcase to use as a prop.  Hah