Welcome Friends, Family and Students, Fellow Teachers, and Peace Corps Hopefuls!

Hello everyone and Welcome to my new blog!

As many of you know, I am currently a Spanish teacher in Chicago and will soon be leaving to teach English in Colombia.  As details about my trip unfold, I will post news of it here.  My departure date is somewhere around the 22nd of August and there are lots of things I need to accomplish this summer to prepare for it!  Once I have a number of entries I will try and separate them in to categories so that you can look at posts that would interest you the most.

This is a flag face sporting the beautiful Colombian flag. I discovered the series of faces on the internet but I don’t know who the original artist is. I use them a lot for Prezi.com presentations with my students. If anyone knows the original artist please let me know!

I am sure that some of you are shocked that I have decided to start writing a blog because of my general disdain for electronic writing. It soothes me to let ink fill a sheet of paper and gives me a sense of accomplishment. So, every time I have attempted to start a blog, it has not been successful.  I am a successful journal writer having written over 20 complete journals since I began in the 8th grade.  I love writing.  Someone told me a long time ago that I should write down my feelings but what I found was easier was to just give a play by play on what was happening in my life.  Looking back on my journals, I never had to say “this was a really frustrating day” because it came out in the writing.

Hopefully throughout my journey you will find my stories entertaining.

Please keep comments G-rated as I may have students here looking!